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“Patience will be required for the duty ahead
By Kris Millegan

Is the NWO simply to be a legacy of war?

“The War was no more invited by us than were the questions which are laid at our doors by its results."
—President William McKinley, Omaha, October 1898

Who was McKinley? He was a politician beholding to the oil interests and trusts of the time. He was nominated as the Repubilcan candidate at a convention in St Louis June 16, 1896.

Businessman and boyhood friend of John D Rockefeller, Mark Hanna spent a year and half, and over a hundred thousand dollars to acquire the nomination. Hanna then devoted all of his time for the next three months in getting McKinley elected. “Frying the fat” he called it, the raising of four million dollars from the business community. Standard Oil ponied-up a quarter of a million and “banks everywhere were formally assessed one-fourth of one percent of their combined capital and surplus.”With this money they "help to set a pattern—centralized organization, controlled exposure of the candidate, saturation of the organs of public opinion—that has prevailed to the present."

Earlier in his career, McKinley had gotten himself in deep economic trouble, Hanna and friends had raised the money to bail him out and allowed “him to remain in public life.” You never know when some politician will become useful, do you?

In the late 1880’s as Chairman of the Ways and Means, McKinley authored the McKinley Tariff bill. There was a treasury surplus, so Mckinley removed the heavy revenue producing tariff from raw sugar. This admitted Cuban sugar free of duty and lead to the creation of the “Sugar Trust,” American Sugar Refining Company.

Secretary of State John Foster undertook the implementation of the bill, which resulted in a dramatic importation of Cuban sugar.

There were some problems though, the Republicans lost power for awhile and the pesky rebels in Cuba were causing problems for sugar and other financial interests.

McKinley was installed in March of 1897 and by the end of July 1898 Cuba was ours and the sugar was safe.

“Patience will be required for the duty ahead”
—President William McKinley – Speaking of the Spainsh-American War, 1898

Any of this sound familiar?


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