Conspiracy Research Resources
The following sites are recommended as conspiracy theory resources by the members and editors of the CTRL list. If there's a conspiracy site you would like to suggest for this page, send an email with the URL to

Antony Sutton
Bare Bones beginning

Home page for the New Paradigms project.

A Case File: CIA and Drugs
Former LAPD narcotics detective Michael Ruppert's web site on CIA complicity in the drug trade.


CIA_Drugs Symposiums

Cocaine Importing Agency
An excellent site on the CIA/contra/cocaine scandal.

Conspiracy Nation Archive
Complete 1995-1998 archive of this venerable font of conspiracy knowledge.

Conspiracy Theory Web Message Board Swap conspiracy data, share your views.

Drug War: Covert Money, Power & Policy
Dan Russell's great site. Go visit.

The Gemstone File of Bruce Roberts
an edited version of Bruce Roberts' original gemstone file letters--NOT merely the Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File

Gonzo Links
Your online guide to millenial America.

J. Orlin Grabbe, The Home Page of

The Konformist
Robert Sterling's excellent site, check it out.

Mad Cow Prod
Check it out!! Barry and the Boys . . . Narcotrafficking w/deviant elites

Mind Control Forum Home Page /
Mind control info, experiment victim testimony, resources & more.

More Disturbing Than Fiction
Tony Gosling's links to info on the global bad guys.

The Anonymizer
Info about establishing and protecting online anonymity.

Fortean Times Online
One measures a circle beginning anywhere.

The Alchemy Web Site and Virtual Library
It ain't just about turning lead into gold, folks.

Thee Underground
"The most controversial site on the Internet."

Skull & Bones


Surveillance & Countersurveillance
Gear for spy geeks and folks who can't afford to have their privacy compromised.

1-hour documentary on the Terrorist flight school in Venice Fl.