Millegan Stews

It ain't Pearl Harbor, its Remember the Maine!
By Kris Millegan

The scripts of ops are filled with feigns and sleights and our current situation is no exception.

Reflecting that the multi-generational cult tends to use recycled “plays” to do their dirty work, it seemed to me that the current “action” is one much more resembling the time line and sequences of the 1898 War with Spain. Pearl Harbor, though makes a more poignant backdrop and helps to confuse issues.

During the lead-up to the Spanish-American War, certain forces for many years had been trying to inflame the nation into a war with Spain. The majority of the population expressed desires for a peaceful settlement of the “Cuban Question.” There were years of “yellow journalism” and then an “attack” on the USS Maine, February 15, 1898. War whoops were trumpeted by the press and then “after some “patience” we went to war in late April. Teddy Roosevelt was an Asst. Secretary of the Navy. His boss went home early one day and he sent a pre-arranged message to Dewey and the first action of the war was in the Philippines, not Cuba.

We would fight a bloody two-year war against the Filipinos. Bonesman WH Taft would become Civil-Governor of the Philippines. Opium would soon be declared illegal and the smuggling would begin anew. More about this at

Will Bonesman and fellow Brotherhood of Death member George W Bush after feigning to Columbia, which is already within much of “their” control, really be going after Afghanistan with its huge opium production capabilities? Is the sleight of hand so visible on Boy George’s face really another war to consolidate the drug trade? Did the taste of poppies and profit during the Mujahedin salad days just wet the “boys” appetite?

Will it be talked about on CNN?


Next------"The war was prepared in advance."

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