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(This CD was reviewed in Wired October, 2001, the issue out
on 9/11. The CD wasn't on sale yet nor had the CD booklets
even been printed.Was it just street savvy, part of the "coup" or

Revenge of the NWO 9-11
By Kris Millegan

My prayers go out to all that these tragic events touch.

The Brotherhood of Death

Is it any wonder that the most lethal and tragic terroist attack on the US occurred whilst the office of President was occupied by a member of the foreign-based secret society, Skull and Bones?

Shock, spin, then hung out to . . . ?

Again, I can't say how much is my feeling of grief towards our current tragedy. My first reaction after shock and watching the various spins is that this "Attack on America" is not a separate organic act by Mr. bin-Laden, but a continued attack upon the US republic and economic might by an European-based secret-societal based "power" organization.

Let us line up a few odd "ducks."

According to old-time "conspiracy-theory" lore, what we are dealing with is a multi-generational cult that uses the Hegelian dialectic to move the world along towards a "new world order." "They" have financed and used "terrorists" and "terrorist acts" before in history. These folks along with many of their compadres and compromised institutions do believe that the "ends justifies the means." History is littered with misery and tragedy from "their" games.

Another part of "conspiracy theory " lore is that this "cult" is Euro-centric with strong bases in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland and that the basic scenario afoot, is to install "soft" fascism instead of a republic in the US and move the economic engine to Europe.

Psywar and propaganda, including a very large dose of the "big lie," continues

Remember, officially, Oswald killed Kennedy and the CIA doesn’t do drugs.

All the worlds a stage declared William Shakespeare and it still holds true. With the recent Pearl Harbor extravaganza and spate of WWII movies a base was laid for the current rallying cry.

The transparency of the men behind the curtain is quite apparent in their actions. The blatant power grab by sullied intelligence forces is to be expected from those that would use our own republic’s institutions from which to play their Hegelian games.

Where was all the money spent on deterrence and “intelligence?” These planes were known to be hijacked from phone calls, they were under constant radar. What was our military doing . . . watching CNN? The cover story is unbelievable. How this operation was done, just as in the JFK hit, another mass-trauma attack upon America, took lots more than Mr. bin Laden and some religious fanatics to accomplish.

Mr. bin Laden and his crew were fostered by the CIA, by executive order from Ronnie Reagan. Whilst his erstwhile veep, George Bush was head of two top-level working groups — one on drugs, the other on terrorism.

According to the UN, the Taliban have virtually wiped out Afghanistan's opium crop. Will the current Bush administration use the “terrorist” attack as an excuse to “occupy” Afghanistan? Will then opium production go back up?

Now, we know, why so many tricks were turned to get Boy George upon the throne.

To finish his Daddy’s work on the New World Order.

Baby Bush went to Omaha and invoked FEMA. Will he now get to cap the pyramid?

We shall see . . .


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